What the Foundation Supports

The Inclusive Foundation was established in 2014 and is a not-for-profit organization in Panama with tax deductible DGI Resolution No. 201-0457. The Inclusive Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors and provides professional development grants to faculty, and financial aid and innovation grants to students. 

The Inclusive Foundation was born out of our interest in providing the best educational resource and also empowering the youth to reach their potential while breaking barriers that prevent them from reaching excellence and success. Despite these difficult times, the Inclusive Foundation strives to get more involved within our neighboring communities. All donations to the Foundation are 100% tax-deductible.

At TRAIL, children are happily engaged, feel cared for and understood. An environment such as this fosters children’s sense of discovery about the world around them and develops their capacity to connect with others. Our team of professional volunteers are committed to supporting the students of the neighboring Veracruz community.
TRAIL facilitates a child-centered and inquiry-based education approach, which fulfills the potential of children today so that they can become the leaders of tomorrow.